Same Charges, Different PDs

Same Charges, Different PDs

INGLEWOOD – Some people never learn, and the multiple charges of the same violations by various police departments (PDs) tends to prove one may need to be schooled with hard knocks.

James Willis Oliver, 35, was stopped by Inglewood police officers on Monday, June 15 at approximately 2:55 a.m. near the intersection of Century Boulevard and Prairie Avenue. He was stopped for failing to stop at a red light (21453(A)VC) and reckless driving at high speeds (23103(A)VC). The Bellflower resident was also charged with driving despite his driving privileges being suspended or revoked (14601.1B2AVC), which means his driver’s license was suspended.

The oil refinery worker was also found to have a number of warrants for similar violations. He had a warrant from Bellflower PD for driving with a suspended license (14601.1AVC), one from the San Bernardino County Sheriff for reckless driving, and one each from the Los Angeles County Sheriff for reckless driving and driving with a suspended license.

Bail for the new charges came out to $22,000, and bail for the warrants totaled $230,000. The grand total was $252,000.

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