Lone Gunman Arrested After Nine-hour Standoff

Lone Gunman Arrested After Nine-hour Standoff

INGLEWOOD – Inglewood homeowners in the middle-class enclave east of Crenshaw Boulevard had their decades-old suburban idyll shattered just hours before the Thanksgiving holiday commenced.

On Wednesday, November 27 at approximately 12:30 p.m., a hostage situation resulted when Inglewood police officers (IPD) answered a domestic violence call at 10709 S. 5th Avenue. Within minutes of the officers’ arrival, two officers were injured in a firefight.

The incident was caught on video by homeowner Kimberly Edwards, a resident of 108th Street, whose front door was pierced by one of the gunman’s bullets.

“One of the bullets just came through my screen door!” was the shout made by neighbor who filmed the opening volley of shots on her cell phone between the IPD and alleged lone shooter.

The incident prompted Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department (LASD) to commandeer and close off the area bounded by Crenshaw Boulevard and Van Ness Avenue between 108th Street and 104th Street in Inglewood. LASD snipers and SWAT teams backed by LAPD helicopters and detectives primarily controlled the area until well after 9 p.m., when the power was cut off, and the suspect surrendered approximately 15 minutes thereafter.

LASD Deputies controlled all ground-level entry points; two of LASD’s “bearcat” armored vehicles were brought up before the house and at one point one of the “bearcats” was driven onto the hostage-house lawn.

10709 S. 5th Avenue, residence where incident ocurred

10709 S. 5th Avenue, residence where incident occurred

Inglewood Police Department’s SWAT team was stationed behind the yellow tape on 108th Street and 7th Avenue. No fewer than eight police agencies, including the CHP, Gardena PD and Manhattan Beach PD were on-site throughout the day and into the night.

Absent were City of Inglewood’s Mayor James T. Butts, Inglewood Police Department Chief Mark Fronterotta and Inglewood District 4 council member Ralph Franklin.

On hand was former Santa Monica police officer and current Inglewood District 4 councilman Alex Padilla. As he exited the developing situation along 104th Street, he stopped to offer a comment.

“It’s a difficult situation, and I’m very concerned about the families in the houses. I feel that the situation is tense but that it will be handled well and should end well,” said Padilla.

Families around the house were evacuated by police up to 104th Street.

Mayor Butts, Chief Fronterotta and Council Member Franklin did not respond to e-mails requesting comment.

The suspect, 45-year old Christopher Warsaw, was transported to South L.A. Sheriff’s Station and booked for attempted murder. Bail was set at $1,000,000.

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