Oregon man proves to be a very bad guest

Oregon man proves to be a very bad guest

Daniel Murillo, 31 of Medford Oregon, was reported to be in Redding this week visiting a friend. He was with Melissa Lonewolf, a 39-year-old woman from Yreka. He said that he was there to visit her, though she herself was miles from home, and staying at a Redding Motel 6.

On the morning of Monday, September 1 – Labor Day – Murillo decided to leave the room and take a short walk to the Chevron gas station right in front of the motel. At around 7:30 that morning, he made an attempt to disguise himself, pulled out his knife, and entered the station. He approached the young man working there, threatened him with the knife, and demanded money. The 21-year-old clerk tried to cooperate, and opened the register and started to take the money out as demanded.

Daniel Murillo of Medford Oregon - Facebook image.

Daniel Murillo of Medford Oregon – Facebook image.

Perhaps the clerk was moving too slow, or maybe the sight of the money got him excited, but Murillo immediately jumped up on the counter, and grabbed for the money himself. According to the Redding Police, while Murillow was grabbing the money, the clerk grabbed a can of pepper spray and directed it at the frantic robber. No doubt feeling the burn, Murillo was so shocked that he dropped the money, and ran from the station.

He. of course, did not have far to go. He returned to the room at the motel where Melissa Lonewolf was waiting. Police soon arrived, at 7:41, and learned where Murillo had fled. They contacted the room, and Murillow refused to come out. He was also reportedly preventing his companion from leaving as well.

However, choices are limited when you are in a motel room with police surrounding you, and Murillo eventually gave himself up. He was arrested and charged with robbery, false imprisonment, burglary, and criminal threats.

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