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Oregon man proves to be a very bad guest

Daniel Murillo, 31 of Medford Oregon, was reported to be in Redding this week visiting a friend. He was with Melissa Lonewolf, a 39-year-old woman from Yreka. He said that


Small time crook goes for armed robbery

REDDING – A man with a laundry list of offenses dating as far back as 2007 has been arrested for an armed robbery at the Redding Metro PCS store on


Serial armed robber arrested in Redding

Redding Police announced the arrest of a man who was tied to several robberies and at least one burglary in recent months. On Tuesday night, an employee of Dutch Brothers


Dispute leads to armed robbery arrest for two men

REDDING – A young man in Redding reported being robbed at gunpoint by two men who accused him of stealing an X-Box. He had just given one of them a