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Santa Clara

Drunk driver faces manslaughter charges for driving wrong way on freeway

SAN JOSE – 23-year-old Casey Matthew Olson of Mountain View was arrested under PC 191.5(a), gross vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated, VC 21651 (c), driving the wrong way on a freeway,

San Bernardino

Redlands Police Uses Social Media in Bust

REDLANDS – A bicycle theft suspect, identified by surveillance photos sent out on social media, was arrested by Redlands Police on Wednesday. The department’s Facebook page and Twitter account posts


Car Thieves Arrested After Fleeing on Foot

COACHELLA—A driver and passenger in a stolen car attempted to evade arrest after abandoning the escape vehicle, but were quickly discovered. Coachella Police officers while on patrol Monday at 8:45 AM, spotted a

Placer Sacramento

Roseville PD Makes Recent Theft Arrests

Earlier this week, Roseville PD reportedly arrested four suspects for catalytic converter theft, and another individual for theft from a local store, according to an official weekly crime report. On


Roseville PD Arrest Carjacking Suspect

After crashing a stolen car and evading officers for a few hours, a Lincoln man was reportedly arrested on suspicion of carjacking, according to a weekly crime report issued by


Carjacking victim gets help, man gets arrested

REDDING – A Redding woman nearly had her car stolen, but was helped by a man on the scene. According to Redding police, on Friday, July 25, 51-year-old Tami Grissom

Santa Clara

Male suspect jumps two stories from parking garage to try and escape

23-year-old Defendant Willie Visairo – a.k.a. Willie Visaibo – faces eight counts under PC 211-212.5(c), Second degree robbery, in which Visairo was found to be breaking into cars located in an apartment garage

Monterey Santa Cruz

Officers Arrest Man with Gun Outside of a Department Store

Many Concerned Citizens Reported Him WATSONVILLE—Officers with the Watsonville Police Department arrested 36-year-old Salinas resident David Perez Soria after they responded to several calls of a man with a gun


Search Warrant STINGS Four in Salinas

Earlier Arrest led Agents to Search The Residence SALINAS—Salinas Police Detectives served a search warrant at an apartment on the 200 block of Central Avenue in South Salinas after they


Burglars Arrested For Thefts From Dead Man’s Home

Two ex-convicts with extensive criminal records were arrested on July 25 after Fairfield Police investigated a break-in and thefts from a residence, where authorities had found a dead man on