Male suspect jumps two stories from parking garage to try and escape

Male suspect jumps two stories from parking garage to try and escape

23-year-old Defendant Willie Visairo – a.k.a. Willie Visaibo – faces eight counts under PC 211-212.5(c), Second degree robbery, in which Visairo was found to be breaking into cars located in an apartment garage near the Kerley Drive Apartments in San Jose. Visairo had threatened a male victim who had confronted Visaibo after finding him in the rear passenger side of his vehicle.

Visairo was charged under PC 422, threats to commit a crime resulting in great bodily injury and or causing fear for their safety, when he threatened the victim with a screwdriver and then a pocket knife. Visairo was also charged with PC 459-460 (b), entering a locked vehicle against the owner’s consent, taking into possession the victim’s cell phone, coins, and speakers.

Visairo was also charged with possession of narcotics, for possession a Vicodin prescription bottle with tablets, under HS 11350 (a) and HS 11377(a), possession and under the influence of a known narcotic, PC 4573.6, hiding drugs after his arrest as he was booked into the county jail, PC 466, possession of burglary tools, and HS 11364, possession of paraphernalia.

On Sunday, July 13 it was found that Visairo had been trying to break into vehicles parked inside a parking facility near Kerley Drive and E. Rosemary Street in San Jose. The victim had returned to his vehicle on the third floor of the apartment building when he found Visairo inside. According to officers, “the victim’s door was partially open, when he saw a pair of speakers. Visairo had pried open the door and had been removing the car speakers when he arrived.”

The suspect took the screwdriver he was using to remove the speakers from the victims 2002 Ford Explorer, and threatened to stab him with it. When the victim did not leave, he pulled out a pocket knife and threatened to stab him with that. The suspect and victim got into an altercation, and the victim chased the suspect from his vehicle to the second floor of the parking garage where Visairo jumped to escape.

Responding to a “Be On the Lookout”, or (BOL) report by 9-1-1 dispatch operators, San Jose Police Department Officers located the suspect and quickly took him into custody.

During an initial search of Visairo, officers located a lock pick, screw driver, flash light, pocket knife, and car keys he had taken with him to help break into vehicles parked in the garage.

Before being booked into the main jail, Visairo was asked if he had anything illegal on him, and he told the officer that he did not. However, after a brief search deputies were able to locate a glass pipe and a crystal type substance in a black bag he had fastened to the inside of his clothing, which tested positive for meth.

The next court hearing has been set for 8/06/2014 at 1:30 in Dept 35. The Santa Clara District Attorney’s Office has added a three count enhancements for previous convictions under 12022.1(b)(1), and 12022.1 . With prior convictions under PC 12022.1 using a dangerous weapon during the commission of a crime, that rendered a 2-year sentence, Visairo now faces additional time added under California’s three-strike laws.

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