Carjacking victim gets help, man gets arrested

Carjacking victim gets help, man gets arrested

REDDING – A Redding woman nearly had her car stolen, but was helped by a man on the scene.

According to Redding police, on Friday, July 25, 51-year-old Tami Grissom of Redding had left her car in the parking lot near the 99 Cent Only Store on Hilltop Drive, running and unsecured. According to Ms. Grissom, however, the car was locked. She had left it running because her dog was inside on the 110 degree day, and she wanted to leave the air conditioner on while she went to the store to grab a couple of things.

Brent Peterson stole a car for just a moment, but it didn't work out.

Brent Peterson stole a car for just a moment, but it didn’t work out.

Grissom witnessed a man punch the hood of her car. She called 911 to get help, and saw the man break her window to get in the car. The car thief, 27-year-old Brent Peterson, tried to get away, but another man in the area heard the commotion, ran to help and pulled Peterson out of the car before he could complete his escape. Police arrived around at 6:14 pm while the hero, 54-year-old Richard Alberg, held Peterson captive.

Police took Peterson into custody, booking him into the Shasta County jail on charges of auto theft. Though referred to as a transient, he lists his home as Provo, Utah.

Police had originally reported that Ms. Grissom suffered minor injuries from being hit by her own car as she arrived with Alberg to try and stop the theft, but Grissom herself stated that she was not hit.

Police took the opportunity to warn people to never leave their keys in the car, and to lock it up behind them.

Note: this story was originally published with information provided by Redding Police, but has since been updated based on feedback from the victim.

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