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Carjacking victim gets help, man gets arrested

REDDING – A Redding woman nearly had her car stolen, but was helped by a man on the scene. According to Redding police, on Friday, July 25, 51-year-old Tami Grissom


Redding police finally nail dangerous fugitive

John Nicholas Delevati, 29, a known dangerous criminal, was captured yesterday after nearly escaping police for the second time in two months. Delevati has a criminal record too long to

Placer Shasta

Car thief out of jail at it again

REDDING – A young man who has been in frequent trouble with the law was arrested once again after leading police on a chase and wrecking a stolen car, knocking


Repeat offender takes motor home for bumpy ride

REDDING – Police announced the arrest of a burglary suspect, and are still looking for his female accomplice after they drove a motor home through a fence and ended up


Arrest of wanted young man

REDDING – Police have announced the arrest of one of their publicized “Most Wanted” suspects, 22-year-old Dylan Forest Meese of Redding. Meese appeared on the Most Wanted list a week


Redding man just into stealing cars

REDDING  – Benjamin Green, a 34-year-old Redding man, was arrested Monday for the second time in a week for stealing a car. This time he led officers on a high