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Santa Cruz

Victim Sleeps Through Burglary

Suspect Picked Up the Intoxicated Victim SANTA CRUZ—The Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Office is looking for a ‘Bad Samaritan’ who helped an intoxicated man find his way home, then burglarized

Contra Costa Mendocino

Travelin’ man arrested for domestic violence

Daniel Springsguth has been around. He is apparently originally from the San Diego area, where in August of 2012 and January of 2013 he was arrested on charges being under


Lawn Statue Thieves Nabbed

Ventura County – When it comes to the appreciation of the fine arts, it’s often said that “there is no accounting for people’s tastes”. Never does that appear to have been


Trio Accused of Stealing A/C Parts Arrested

BAKERSFIELD — Three Bakersfield men were arrested on Monday for allegedly stealing nearly a quarter of million dollars in copper and aluminum. Cody King, 26, 26-year-old Danell Green and 37-year-old


Daughter Steals Dead Mother’s I.D.

Ventura County – The usual response of a family member to the death of a loved one is usually grief. The response of a child to the death of a parent

Santa Clara

SJPD makes arrest of three homicide suspects

Just days after experiencing San Jose’s 29th homicide, police announced the arrest of three individuals responsible for the shooting death of 33-year-old Santrius Romel Lawrence near the 7-11 at Monterey Road

Placer Sacramento

$40,000 Cash Seized in Suspected Drug Dealer Arrest

A suspected drug dealer was recently arrested, resulting in over a pound of methamphetamine and $40,000 in cash being seized, according to an official press release from the Roseville Police

Celebrity News Los Angeles Orange

Late Saturday night ends in DUI for Amanda Bynes

Amanda Bynes had quite a career going, first as a child actress, and then rising to further fame as a young woman. From 1997 to 2010, when she turned 24,


Sacramento Man Wanted for Drowning Dog with Bowling Ball

SACRAMENTO—Police say they were poised to arrest a Sacramento man for animal cruelty on Friday, September 26 when he was scheduled to arrive at the Sacamento County Courthouse on another


Suspected Car Thief Detained By K9 Officer and Arrested

TEMECULA – A suspect was arrested after initiating a vehicle pursuit, escaping on foot, and ultimately being brought to a halt by a police canine unit. Near midnight on Saturday,