Daughter Steals Dead Mother’s I.D.

Daughter Steals Dead Mother’s I.D.

Ventura County – The usual response of a family member to the death of a loved one is usually grief. The response of a child to the death of a parent is usually overwhelming grief. But then there are those lovely offspring who simply feel nothing but overwhelming opportunity at the death of a parent and do all they can to capitalize upon their “loss”.

Such appears to have been the case with Sandra Lopez, a 40-year old Oxnard woman who was arrested on the morning of September 24th pursuant to what Ventura County Sheriff’s Department spokesman Det. Russell King reported as “an investigation into an allegation that Lopez stole her deceased mother’s identity in order to obtain credit cards.”

The investigation presaging her arrest indicated that Lopez had opened no less than five individual credit card accounts “by pretending to be her deceased mother.” Lopez, ironically the owner of a collection agency, apparently used her knowledge of credit approval protocols and identification standards without hesitation, opening fraudulent accounts “within weeks of the death” of her mother for the sole purpose of purchasing goods and services without any intention of paying for them.

Ventura County Sheriff’s Department Major Crimes Unit conducted an investigation into Lopez’s spending habits, and on the 24th served a search warrant at her home that turned up evidence sufficient for her arrest and booking into Ventura County Jail on charges of felony identity theft.

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