Shooting in Hawthorne, Suspect Unknown

Shooting in Hawthorne, Suspect Unknown

In the middle of the night on July 16, around 1 a.m., residents at the 12600 block of Prairie Avenue were awoken by gunshots outside their houses.

According to reports, the victim was the driver a vehicle that was stopped in an alley. The suspect pulled up right next to the victim, stopped the car, and shot the victim with a handgun. After being shot, the victim seemingly let go of the brake and drove several feet, until he crashed into a wrought iron gate. The victim was with a passenger who was uninjured.

Nathaniel Taylor, the uncle of the victim, said that his nephew was coming home from a late night movie with his girlfriend when the shooting occurred. Another witness, Rosa Castro, who is the girlfriend’s mom, stated “I was sleeping. I hear three shots…and I hear a big noise”. The loud noise was apparently the car slamming into the iron gate.

Later that night, the victim who was shot, was rushed to the hospital. He was pronounced dead soon after. Authorities have not revealed the victim’s name, as they have not received permission from the victim’s family members.

The suspect was seen driving away in a dark colored SUV. He has not been captured. The investigation is still ongoing.

Anyone with any further information about the incident should call the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department’s Homicide Bureau at (323) 890-5500.

UPDATE: The suspect has been found and is identified as Dante’ Bay McNeil, 22. He was arrested at a recording studio on the 4500 block of Marine Avenue in Lawndale. According to reports, his motive for the shooting was related to a prior relationship with the victim’s girlfriend. McNeil is being held on a $1 million bail. 

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