Forklift Driver Gets “Steal” Wheels

Forklift Driver Gets “Steal” Wheels

INGLEWOOD, CA—Most forklifts don’t get very fast, have little traction and if not driven properly can easily get stuck, fall over and destroy a fair amount of property in a very short time.

Adrian Rodriguez, 20, was arrested by Inglewood Police Department (IPD) officers on Friday, June 6 at approximately 11:30 p.m. He was picked up at Arbor Vitae and South Oak Street in Inglewood just east of the 405 (San Diego) freeway. The occupational forklift driver was charged with grand theft auto, force or assault with a deadly weapon (but not a firearm), participating in a criminal street gang and and a probation violation.

It is understandable that young men want fast cars, and perhaps a forklift is not much but had he worked at it he could have had a fast car in time—and now he may be doing hard time for what could have been a rash act to get some “steal” wheels rather than work his way up to a new set.

Bail was set at $105,000, an amount that would have purchased a nice new car.

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