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Santa Barbara

Felony Bust Follows Long Car Chase

Photo: Karen Denise Deselms SANTA BARBARA COUNTY — Perhaps inspired by the pulse-pounding scenarios of recent popular movie hits, on January 2nd, a 56-year-old Colorado woman proved that Vin Diesel


Car Thief Tries to Hide in Tree, K-9 Assists in his Surrender

Photo: Sunset and Stockpile (Google maps) KERN – On Wednesday evening after 7:00 PM, a deputy with the KCSD began following a stolen vehicle, and then attempted to initiate a


3 Arrested in Gang Operation

Reina Hakim FRESNO — On Tuesday, the FPD began a “gang operation”  in which they responded to a call of shots fired at 424 C Street and, as they approached


Man with Marijuana Unsuccessfully tries to Evade Police

Emtwon Joseph James Anderson FRESNO — Early on Tuesday morning, a Fresno patrol officer noticed a Toyota Camry breeze by a school bus as it was stopped with its lights


Parolee Caught After Car Chase

VENTURA  — Perhaps the various parole boards affiliated with the California Department of Corrections need to review the guidelines they communicate to those felons who are released from prison with specific parole


SLO Deputy Catches Fast Evader

Robert McMaster and Chelsea Ann Deperna The San Luis Obispo Sheriff’s Office have two in custody after an attempted traffic stop turned into a fast pursuit. According to the sheriff’s

Santa Barbara

Car Chase Ends in True “Cliff-hanger”

Trevor Crain, on the move SANTA BARBARA COUNTY — Proving once again that life often imitates art, a high-speed car chase on U.S. 101 through Santa Barbara County could easily have

Santa Barbara

Car Thief Captured After Ditching Girlfriend

Efren Martinez and Cataline Padilla Carpinteria – Clear evidence of contemporary social and gender mores indicating that chivalry is indeed a thing of the past, it was just after 3:00 a.m.

San Bernardino

Shots Fired, Suspects Arrested in Stolen Truck Chase

SAN BERNARDINO – Police fired shots at suspects who reportedly stole a catering truck on Monday morning, though no one was struck by any bullets. A school bus with children


Hemet Police Arrest Suspected Car Thieves after Early Morning High Speed Chase

Steven Kirkwood and Darnell Travis HEMET – After authorities identified a vehicle as stolen, a high speed chase through the city ensued, ending a foot chase and the arrest of