Suspects Arrested for a Crime Spree Starting at Village of Corte Madera

Suspects Arrested for a Crime Spree Starting at Village of Corte Madera
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CORTE MADERA — Three suspects have been arrested for a crime spree starting at the Village of Corte Madera shopping mall. First a strong-armed robbery was committed at Macy’s department store on March 17.

One of the suspects fled by car while store security detained two other suspects. Central Marin Police Authority arrested Dorothy Mae McGriff, 30 of San Rafael, and Alair S. Woodcock, 34, of Alameda.

Bond for McGriff was set at $55,000. McGriff has been arrested 35 times since 2013. Bond for Woodcock was set at $50,000. Woodcock has been arrested 20 times since 2016.

A Central Marin officer attempted to stop the fleeing suspect in Larkspur, but he got away temporarily. The suspect was next reported seen near Forbes Avenue in San Anselmo. Central Marin Police and Marin County Sheriff’s Office deputies responded.

The suspect fled on foot into a residential area where a perimeter was set up. San Rafael PD also responded to assist. A helicopter from the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office monitored from overhead.

Next, the fleeing suspect allegedly stole a vehicle. A deputy spotted the stolen vehicle traveling in Fairfax. The deputy and helicopter pursued it into San Rafael.

The suspect abandoned the stolen vehicle downtown and carjacked another passing vehicle. The suspect fled onto Interstate 580 pursued by California Highway Patrol, and the helicopter overhead.

Richmond PD joined the pursuit with the CHP, until the suspect abandoned the carjacked vehicle in San Pablo. Richard M. Contreas, 34, of Fremont, was detained by Richmond PD and arrested by Central Marin police. Bond for Contreas was set at $310,000. Since 2014 he has been arrested four times.

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