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Man Accused of Assaulting Pedestrians with a Bow and Arrow

Photo: 7-Eleven in San Rafael SAN RAFAEL —A man who keeps getting arrested for drugs and violence was arrested once more this week. This time he was arrested for allegedly


Man under the influence arrested after bizarre encounters with motorists

PHOTO: Sutter County Sheriff SUTTER COUNTY — Deputies have arrested a man on suspicion of being under the influence of a controlled substance after a series of bizarre encounters with

Contra Costa

Man Arrested for Attempted Stabbing of his Father, Stabbing an Officer

PITTSBURG — A man arrested with a knife in his possession is accused of trying to stab his father, and of later stabbing a police officer. Both the suspect and

Santa Barbara

Drug Bust During Fiesta

Photo: David Olaf Barajas Santa Barbara – Santa Barbara recently celebrated its annual Fiesta. This is when 100,000 or more visitors flock to join in the celebration of the city’s

San Benito

Paranoid Man Fights with Officers at Station

Stock photo HOLLISTER — On December 19th, two police officers were treated at Hazel Hawkins Hospital for injuries sustained during a struggle with 27-year-old Ery Hernandez, who appeared to be

Los Angeles

Man Charged With Animal Cruelty and Driving Under the Influence

The man accused of abandoning a seriously injured dog on a Culver City sidewalk Friday morning has been charged with animal cruelty and driving under the influence of alcohol. Tommy Naylor, 62, was

San Benito

Nap Time Ends in Arrest

HOLLISTER — For the second time in a week, Hollister Police have arrested someone outside the Savemart Store at 291 McCray Street.  This time it was 26-year-old Hollister resident Alberto