Expired Tags Lead to Arrest of ID Theft Ring

Expired Tags Lead to Arrest of ID Theft Ring

January 24, 2022 – Ventura County, Ca.
Note to criminals driving around on public thoroughfares: Make sure your vehicle’s registration tags are current.

As obvious as that suggestion may be, it’s a precept that apparently slipped the minds of four San Luis Obispo County residents who are now sitting in Ventura County Jail and facing a smorgasbord of criminal charges.

According to Ventura County Sheriff’s Department spokesperson Detective Jennifer Bowie, it all began to fall apart for Paso Robles, Ca. Delores Thompson, 26, Ricki Rose Thompson, 22, Alejandro Campos Gutierrez, 27, and 21-year-old Sebastian Rene Alonzo Yciano on the morning of January 22 nd when the vehicle they were riding in became the subject of “a traffic stop for expired registration” as it cruised down Ventu Park Road in the City of Thousand Oaks.

When deputies made contact with the foursome, things became a little more tense than a routine traffic stop as they “observed items in side the vehicle which indicated drug use by the occupants.” Moments later, the cops found a plethora of evidence indicating that the four were engaged in a pattern of serial identity theft throughout the Central Coast, from Paso Robles to Camarillo.

All four were taken into custody and transported to Ventura County Jail, where each was booked on charges of being under the influence of drugs, possessing identification materials with the intent to commit identity theft, and criminal conspiracy. Bail was set at $50,000 each.

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