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Second Vacaville PD Officer-Involved Shooting in Three Weeks; Suspect Killed

VACAVILLE – The quiet streets of suburban Vacaville erupted in gunfire Thursday night. Suspect Kendall Walker, 24, a Fairfield resident, died of gunshot wounds. Walker had armed himself with a


Drunken Lowe Hits Low Point, Loses Control with Cops

FORT BRAGG — On the evening of July 4th at approximately 7 o’clock, Mendocino Sheriff’s Office deputies conducted a traffic enforcement stop near the intersection of Kasten Street and Ukiah


Covelo Woman Tries to Hide Drugs, Learns Importance of Timing

COVELO — On the 21st of June at approximately 9 AM, in the 76000 block of Highway 162, deputies from the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office spotted a vehicle with expired


Trio Arrested After Broken Pots Fall From Their Truck Along Highway 101

A Rohnert Park man was among a trio of men arrested Saturday night during a traffic stop. The men were driving a Toyota truck along Highway 101 at 7:50 p.m.,