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Merced PD: Good Samaritans intervene in robbery attempt, hold suspect until officers arrive

Photo credit: Merced PD Originally published 5-7-22 via Facebook by the Merced Police Department: “Merced – A Minnesota man was apprehended by two good Samaritans after he attempted to steal

San Luis Obispo

Grover Beach Police: Carjacking suspect pulled from vehicle, held until officers arrived

An attempted carjacking suspect was arrested in Grover Beach after reportedly being pulled from the vehicle by a good Samaritan and held until officers arrived. Just before 6:30 AM on


Good Samaritan struck by hatchet

COBB – LAKE COUNTY – A man who tried to intervene in a dispute between a man and woman was attacked Saturday morning by the man with a hatchet and

Los Angeles

Good Samaritans Describe Helping Stabbed Man, Holding Suspect for Police

Witnesses Sunday told Patch about watching a fight at a Belmont Shore restaurant become a stabbing, and patrons rushing to aid the victim while other good Samaritans held the suspect for police. Long Beach Police Department