Nevada County Sheriff’s Office Honors Good Samaritan

Nevada County Sheriff’s Office Honors Good Samaritan
Photos courtesy of Nevada County Sheriff’s Office
Originally published 2-8-23 via Facebook
by the Nevada County Sheriff’s Office:

“The Nevada County Sheriff’s Office was pleased to present this challenge coin to 25-year-old Jason Hunter of Grass Valley today, in recognition of his good citizen deed on 2/4/2023! 

Jason was driving along Allison Ranch Rd. in Grass Valley at approximately 11:00pm on this past rainy Saturday, when he spotted a woman in her 80’s walking in the roadway and appearing disoriented. Jason, and his dog who was riding along, watched as a car ahead of him sped past the woman nearly hitting her. Jason pulled over to check on the woman, who admitted to Jason that she was lost. She could remember a family members phone number however could not remember her own home address. Jason called the number but did not get an answer.

Concerned for the woman’s safety, he had her sit in his warm car while he drove in the nearby area hoping she could recognize her residence, but she was not able to discern where it was. Jason again tried the phone number, this time reaching the woman’s daughter to inform her that her mother was with him and had been found lost and walking down the road. Jason gave his location to her, and the daughter responded to pick her mother up.  Her residence was nearby where Jason had found her, and the daughter advised that mom was having some episodes of sleepwalking lately.

We heard about this incident when the woman’s daughter contacted our office this week to let us know about Jason’s actions and how much they appreciated them helping their mother. She also mentioned that their mom was an avid dog lover, and the fact that Jason had his pup with him was reassuring to her in her time of distress.”

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