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A 25-Year-Old Man is Arrested for Hate Crime Assault at a Gas Station

Photo: Salvador Dominguez Jr. HAYWARD — A man arrested is believed responsible for committing a hate crime assault of a gas station customer. The suspect has been identified as 25-year-old


Man Carrying Chainsaws Arrested for Terrifying Train Passengers

Photo: Patrick Bingham OAKLAND — A homeless man carrying two chainsaws was arrested on October 29. He was taken into custody for terrifying train passengers—with his tirade about decapitations during


Verbal Taunts Earn Arrests for Gang-bangers

Photo: Victor Lopez Ventura County – Verbal taunts can get you into trouble. The First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution specifically grants citizens the privilege of speaking their mind in


“Grinch” Arrested 6 Days Before Christmas at McDonald’s

Gienty acted up at this McDonald’s NOVATO – A self-appointed “Grinch” was arrested for allegedly throwing a Christmas tree and making racist comments about Mexicans at McDonald’s on Monday morning.


Paul McCartney Doesn’t Live in Lake Forest

Paul McCartney sings that when someone is knocking at the door, let ’em in. McCartney doesn’t live in Lake Forest. According to the blotter of the Orange County Sheriff’s Department,

San Bernardino

Six-Hour Standoff in Rialto Ends With Capture, Arrest

RIALTO – Police ended a six-hour standoff with a barricaded man, thought to be armed, who was eventually captured after he attempted to escape out his back door on Tuesday night. But

Santa Barbara

Possum-Playing Woman Arrested for Public Disturbance

Santa Barbara – The usually august—if somewhat dry—City Council proceedings at Santa Barbara City Hall were boisterously thrown into pure cacophony on the afternoon of October 2nd when a well-known