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San Bernardino

Two Armed Juveniles in Joshua Tree Cause Officer-Involved Shooting

JOSHUA TREE – An officer-involved shooting took place when a residence was shot at by two armed juveniles. SBSD immediately responded to a shots-fired call Wednesday near 10:30 PM at


Attempted Murder, Kidnapping and Torturing 5 Women: 5-Hour Crime Spree Attacker Sentenced to 107 Years

SANTA ANA – It was a 5-hour crime spree with 5 victims. Finally, Ulises Omar De La Torre (36) of Buena Park landed a 107 Years-to-Life sentence in state prison

San Luis Obispo

Arrest for July 13 Sexual Assault

Photo: Arthur Rocha SAN LUIS OBISPO – A sexual assault occurred on July 13, and police arrested a suspect on August 1. At 5;45 a.m. in the 1500 block of

San Joaquin

Airsoft BB Gun Does not a Gangster Make

Photo – BB guns, they look real STOCKTON – An airsoft BB gun is not technically a bullet-firing gun. However, it can still do damage. On July 24 a semi-truck


One Man Jailed for Street Fight, One Man Hospitalized with Stab Wounds

BERKELEY – A violent brawl between two men nearly turned deadly in the wee hours of July 10—landing one man in a hospital room and another man inside a jail


Sexual Assault Suspect Arrested in Mexico

Fabian Villa SANTA ANA — On December 27, 2016, on the 1600 block of Pacific Avenue, a woman parking her car was attacked by a man as he opened her

Santa Cruz

Watsonville Man Arrested After Assault on Gas Pump

WATSONVILLE — Police have arrested 29-year-old Edgar Cruz-Arias of Watsonville on numerous charges after he was seen taking his anger out on a gas pump at 7-Eleven on East Lake

Santa Cruz

Watsonville Man Arrested after Brass Knuckle Assault

WATSONVILLE — Police have arrested 25-year-old Enrique Avalos of Watsonville on charges of assault with a deadly weapon after an altercation in the 100 block of Pelican Drive last Friday

Los Angeles

Inglewood Man Charged with Multiple Weapons Charges

INGLEWOOD, CA—How many charges can a single flash of the blade bring? For Frederick Blaylock, 29, the answer appears to be no fewer than four. The unemployed Inglewood resident was

Santa Clara

DA announces arrest of 48 gang members

SAN JOSE – District Attorney Jeff Rosen along with a dozen other State Prison and local enforcement officials unveiled this week a 77-count grand jury indictment that led to the