Airsoft BB Gun Does not a Gangster Make

Airsoft BB Gun Does not a Gangster Make
Photo – BB guns, they look real

STOCKTON – An airsoft BB gun is not technically a bullet-firing gun. However, it can still do damage.

On July 24 a semi-truck driver discovered this as he was on SB SR-99 at Peltier Road.

The driver heard “popping noises hitting his driver side door and mirror.” Then he saw a white Chevy Silverado pull up beside him.

As the passenger sat laughing the driver pointed a black pistol at him and “flipping him off.”

The victim obtained the license plate number as it sped off.  He then contacted officers to report the incident. He also picked out the driver from a photo lineup.

On July 25 officers located the suspect vehicle parked in front of a residence in Valley Springs.

A subsequent probation search led to 45-year-old Anthony Flores Jr.’s arrest. His BB gun hid inside of the Silverado.

Flore’s charges include assault with a deadly weapon and outstanding warrants.

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