Punches Thrown in Supermarket, Love Abounds in Parking Lot

STOCKTON — It started out in the Food4Less on March Lane, when 23-year-old Christopher White started throwing punches at his brother. It ended with White’s girlfriend being taken down and handcuffed for trying to help him escape.

According to police reports, the assault began inside the store but continued outside, where several people intervened by tackling White and holding him down until a security guard was able to cuff him.

When policed arrived at around 2:34 PM, White’s 20-year-old girlfriend, Renee Robinson, became notably irate. It came to a head after officers attempted to drive away with White in custody and Robinson opened the cruiser’s rear door to give him a chance to escape. The hapless couple then tried to make a run for it.

Close, but no dice — White was ultimately arrested on charges of parolee at large and battery, and Robinson on charges of resisting arrest.

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