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Santa Clara

Bank Robbery Suspect Arrested in Downtown Palo Alto

Rudi Romano Griffin PALO ALTO — Palo Alto Police officers were able to identify and arrest a wanted suspect in an earlier bank robbery that led officers on a foot


Brothers Arrested Accused of Robbing 5 Banks

Russell D Bartlow BERKELEY – Two brothers accused of committing five bank robberies in Alameda County are being held in custody at Santa Rita Jail, following their arrest on March


Suspect in Four Attempted Bank Robberies, Two Successful Ones, Arrested

Joseph Anthony Perez SANTA ANA — 27-year-old Joseph Anthony Perez is listed as “homeless.”  For now, he is bunked up at the Santa Ana Jail, most likely to be charged


Modesto Bank Robbery Suspect Turns Himself In

Nickolas Gulley booking photo MODESTO — Police have announced that 25-year-old Nickolas Gulley, a suspect in the Valentine’s Day robbery of a Chase Bank in north Modesto, has turned himself


Sacramento Man Arrested for Bank Robbery

Mark Fischmann booking and surveillance photo SACRAMENTO — Thanks to the combined efforts of the West Sacramento and Citrus Heights police departments, a local man has been arrested on bank


Bank Robbery Suspect Arrested after Mistakenly Reporting his Car Stolen

Bank of America in Corte Madera SAUSALITO – Karma works in funny ways. A bank robbery suspect was arrested on Tuesday when he walked into a police station to report


Authorities Make Second Arrest in Truckee Bank Robbery Case

Alex Frasier On December 3rd, police responded to the Bank of America on Donner Pass Road after reports of a robbery. At approximately 10 AM, the bank had been robbed

San Bernardino

Citizen Report Helps Bust Bank Robber

John Stacey Roller Santa Barbara County – Considering the fact that so many financial transactions now take place online through our exponentially-expanding technological resources, and that more people are doing their


Roseville Man Arrested in Connection with Bank Robbery

David James Lira booking photo A local man was arrested Tuesday, January 19th, and is suspected of committing a bank robbery in early December in Roseville. The robbery occurred at

Santa Barbara

Bonnie & Clyde Bank Robbers Caught 17 Minutes Later

Carpinteria – “The Official Rules for Successfully Robbing a Bank” should probably include the following: 1) Never rob a bank during commuter rush hour. 2) Never rob a bank and then