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Marin San Mateo

Dine and Dash at Sneakers

San Carlos, CA – March 2, 2013 Patrick Higgins must have been really hungry, or just really stupid. He was on parole in Marin County when he stopped off for

San Mateo Solano

Biting Burglar arrested

On Saturday, March 3, 2013, a little past midnight, a woman in her 60’s called the Palo Alto Police Department to report that she had just been the victim of

San Mateo

Shopping Spree Leads to Arrest

February 11, 2013 – San Mateo Ronica Randolph, 37, had an errand filled day of groceries and children’s gifts –  but with someone else’s credit card. She was promptly arrested

San Mateo Santa Clara

Counterfeiting and Drug Ring Busted

SAN MATEO – Willie Lozano and Phong Le should have tried using their gift cards somewhere else. Lozano, 55, and Le, 32, of San Jose were at a store on

San Mateo

Nanny and Housekeeper Arrested on 95 Counts of Theft and Forgery

Redwood City, February 6, 2013 Sandy Delgado had been robbing her employers for four years before she was arrested on February 2, 2013. Arrested on 95 charges of theft and

San Mateo

Shotspotter system alerts police to gunshot victim

EAST PALO ALTO – In 2008, East Palo Alto installed a system known as ShotSpotter, created by Mountain View based SST, which installed the first of its systems in nearby

San Mateo

Good Samaritans Save a Life

EAST PALO ALTO – January 13 – Two witnesses to a stabbing were sound asleep just after midnight when they were awoken by cries for help. They looked out of

San Mateo

Man Robs Credit Union at Gunpoint

Palo Alto – Provident Credit Union in Palo Alto was robbed on Wednesday, January 9, 2013 by a man wielding a handgun. The tellers complied with the request and the suspect

San Mateo Santa Clara

Carjacking suspects arrested

Palo Alto – Kids don’t play with BB guns in the same way anymore.  A woman had her car stolen after being held up by a man at gunpoint, using what

San Mateo

Meth user robs gas station after being released on bail

San Carlos – Charles Patrick Bell may have lucked out when the clerk at the gas station he robbed didn’t press charges. But he wasn’t so lucky with the law. Bell