Drug and Weapon arrest in King City

Drug and Weapon arrest in King City
Photo: Image of drug and weapon evidence | Monterey County Sheriff’s Office

King City, CA – In ongoing efforts to bolster community safety, Monterey County Sheriff’s Office deputies deployed to the King City area have made another significant arrest resulting from increased patrols initiated on March 7th, 2024.


On March 11th, 2024, at approximately 7:02 p.m., Monterey County Sheriff’s deputies conducted a routine traffic stop along the 1100 block of Broadway Street in King City. The driver, identified as 29-year-old King City resident Israel Garcia Carrasco, was subjected to further scrutiny based on deputies’ observations.


During a subsequent search of the vehicle, deputies uncovered a loaded and concealed firearm, along with approximately 17 grams of cocaine packaged for distribution. Additionally, $11,000 in cash, gang-related paraphernalia, and a quarter pound of marijuana were seized from the vehicle. Carrasco was promptly taken into custody.


Following the arrest, detectives from the Monterey County Sheriff’s Office Property Crimes Unit, in collaboration with arresting deputies, secured a search warrant for Carrasco’s residence. The execution of the warrant yielded further evidence, including items indicative of firearm ownership and narcotics distribution paraphernalia.


Carrasco was booked into the Monterey County Jail on a litany of charges, including carrying a concealed firearm, possession of controlled substances for sale, and various firearm-related offenses.


The Monterey County Sheriff’s Office reiterates its commitment to maintaining a heightened presence in and around the King City area, aiming to support the ongoing investigation into the mass shooting incident that occurred on March 3rd, 2024. A $20,000 reward remains available for information leading to the arrest and conviction of those responsible for the shooting.


Law enforcement officials encourage individuals with any pertinent information regarding the incident to come forward, emphasizing that anonymity can be maintained. Contact details for providing information anonymously are available through various channels, including direct contact with King City Detective Sergeant Josh Partida and Monterey County Sheriff’s Detectives Arras Wilson and Sergeant N. Kennedy.

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