Standoff Ends as Suspect Pulls Vanishing Act

Suspect robs woman days later

SALINAS—You can now add robbery to the list of mounting charges against Salinas resident, now fugitive, 27-year-old Delbert Reuben Robles after he accosted a woman outside her home on Wednesday morning.

Delbert Reuben Robles

It all began back on Monday morning when two maintenance workers went to a house at 45 Sherwood Drive in Salinas.  The workers had permission from the owner of the property to be there.  Once inside the residence, the workers were confronted by Robles, who identified himself as the tenant, he advised them to leave while brandishing a handgun at them.

The workers thought that the house would be vacant, as Robles had been evicted and did not have permission to be there.  They left after Robles ordered them to leave.  Responding officers saw the front door to house close as they arrived.  They quickly set up a perimeter around the house believing that Robles was still inside.

After a tense 10-hour standoff that saw his family members plead for him to give himself up, police used tear-gas to breach the house.  Officers searched the house and found no sign of Robles.

“It appears that he fled out the back door before the perimeter was established,” Salinas Police Commander Henry Gomez said. “Robles was the previous tenant, but he had no permission to be inside.”

Robles is wanted by the Salinas Police for brandishing a weapon, trespassing and violating his probation.

The Police had not heard of Robles’ location until Wednesday morning at 4:30 a.m. when he confronted a women who was waiting for a ride to work.  He demanded money from her while showing her a knife he had grabbed in a threatening manner.

As the she gave him the money, he forcefully grabbed her cell phone.  It was then that her ride appeared so he threw the cell phone on the ground and fled the area.  Police conducted an extensive search of the Chamise Drive neighborhood but did not locate him.

“We believe that he is still in the area,” Salinas Police Officer Miguel Cabrera said. “He does have contacts in the area where he might be hiding.”

This was the second time that the Salinas Police have had a run-in with Robles.  A similar incident happened on January 6.  In that incident, he was at the home on Sherwood Drive with his family when he became irate and the family wanted him out, standoff ensued and he was eventually arrested.

Although Robles used a knife in Wednesday attack police believe that he is still armed with the handgun from Monday’s standoff.

He is described as having a black beanie, black jacket and blue jeans on at the time of the attack.  He is a Hispanic male 6 feet tall, 180 pounds, with black hair and brown eyes. He is considered armed and extremely dangerous.


At 1:30 p.m. on Wednesday April 3, Robles turned himself in to police in the City of Morgan Hill.  His mother, who lives in Morgan Hill, accompanied him when he turned himself in to authorities.

He has been transported back to Salinas and booked into the Monterey County Jail.

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