Arrest for Brandishing Baseball Bat

Arrest for Brandishing Baseball Bat
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Some people have serious anger management issues, and 18-year-old Ojai resident Jacob Looker may very well be one of them.

According to Ventura County Sheriff’s Department spokesman Deputy Donovan Varela, it was mid-morning on January 17th when a 911 Emergency Call for Service to the VCSD Ojai Patrol Station sent a uniformed patrol unit to the scene of “a disturbance.”

Upon arrival at the scene, deputies made contact with a father and son who indicated they’d been working at a jobsite when “Looker was driving in the area” and stopped his car, alighting to “challenge one of the victims to a physical fight” as he wielded “a large wrench” in a threatening manner.

The victim—no doubt observing the wrench in Looker’s hands—backed off and retreated, whereupon Looker got back in his car and drove away…only to return shortly thereafter and repeat his threats of violence while wielding a baseball bat.

At that point, “a bystander” disarmed Looker whereupon Looker physically attacked the younger victim, pummeling him “multiple times with his fists.” Both combatants were separated by the older victim and the bystander, and Looker departed once again as he threatened to return “with a firearm.”

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