Wrong Guy in Possession of Arsenal

Wrong Guy in Possession of Arsenal

Ventura – Although it may be common knowledge that those individuals who have been convicted of serious felonies in California are forever prohibited from owning or possessing a wide range of weapons, firearms, and ammunition, that proscription is frequently ignored by certain members of the “parolee population”.

According to the Ventura Police Department Records Division report to the media issued on October 28th, it was in the early afternoon of that day that Richard Rodriguez, a 33-year old resident of Ventura and documented gang member walking the streets under the umbrella of an active parole status, was found to be one of those who apparently flouts any legislative limitations upon his ability to arm himself to the teeth.

The discovery of Rodriguez’s parole violation came, according to the VPD report, pursuant to an ongoing Ventura Police Street Crimes unit investigation into “complaints regarding possible drug sales” at a Ventura residence. The product of that investigation indicated that Rodriguez lived in a garage behind the home that had been converted into living space.

With search warrant in hand, detectives conducted a search of the property on October 28th, whereupon Rodriguez made at attempt to depart in his car, prompting deputies to summarily detain him at the scene. While so restrained, Rodriguez had the opportunity to observe the deputies discover a cache of weapons in the garage that included “seven firearms including a loaded shotgun and loaded handgun, additional ammunition for the weapons and methamphetamine.”

Following the rather fruitful search, Rodriguez was transported to Ventura County Jail where he was booked on charges of prohibited person in possession of firearms, prohibited person in possession of ammunition, possession of a stolen firearm, and possession of drugs for sale while possessing a loaded firearm.

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