Inmate Arrested for Assaulting Deputy

Inmate Arrested for Assaulting Deputy

Gage Lopezwhite

Ventura County – Without any indication of why it took more than a full week to report the incident to the media or to the public, Ventura County Sheriff’s Department spokesman Sgt. Julie Novak made a March 3rd announcement of a February 22nd incident involving 20-year-old Gage Lopezwhite, a resident of Ventura who was in custody at Ventura County’s Todd Road Jail at the time.

According to Novak, Lopezwhite, who has been in jail on prior charges of assault with a deadly weapon since December 2015, had already “obtained another assault with a deadly weapon charge against another inmate” when he allegedly “made threatening statements” to a jail officer who was in the act of distributing breakfast to other inmates at the time.

Without any indication of the custody officer’s reaction at the time, Novak reported that “Lopezwhite then aggressed towards the deputy and spit on him,” which undoubtedly won him the attention of the deputy who then “attempted to handcuff” Lopezwhite.

Perhaps Lopezwhite simply wasn’t happy with the jail’s breakfast cuisine, as he summarily “bit the deputy on the left bicep” and punched the deputy in the face.

Lopezwhite was then subdued and restrained, presumably missing his morning meal as he was then arrested on the scene and charged with resisting an officer in the performance of his duties and battery on a peace officer. His bail for those two felonies was set at $40,000; he remains in custody.

Photo: Courtesy Ventura County Jail Booking

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