Arson Investigation Ends with Arrest of Inmate

Arson Investigation Ends with Arrest of Inmate

Alvaro Perez

VENTURA COUNTY — An investigation spanning more than three months following a September 30, 2015 conflagration at a Thousand Oaks Planned Parenthood facility was, according to Ventura County Sheriff’s Department Major Crimes Bureau’s Sgt. Dean Worthy, brought to an end early today with the arrest of 24-year-old Alvaro Perez of Oxnard.

Perez, in custody at Ventura County Jail on a no-bail hold at the time of his arrest on arson charges, allegedly set a fire inside the Planned Parenthood offices just before midnight on September 30th, motivated by “an on-going domestic feud.”

When the fire alarm call was responded to by units of the Ventura County Fire Department, flames where quickly extinguished, assisted by “the building’s overhead fire sprinkler system which played a significan part in putting out the fire,” but which was also responsible for “significant water damage” to the building’s interior.

Immediately following the fire, an investigation ensued which led VCSD Detectives and VCFD Arson Investigators to information indicating Perez as the prime suspect in setting the fire.

Without divulging specifics, Worthy noted that “overwhelming evidence” indicating Perez as the responsible party was obtained “through various investigative methods and techniques.”

Locating and arresting Perez for the alleged crime was a fairly straightforward process as he was contacted at Ventura County Jail where he is awaiting judicial proceedings on multiple charges including “battery, vandalism, violation of domestic restraining order, spousal battery, and possession of a firearm.”

Photo: Courtesy Ventura County Jail Booking

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