Reckless Hit-and-Run Driver Apprehended After High-Speed Chase

Reckless Hit-and-Run Driver Apprehended After High-Speed Chase
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In a series of shocking events, the Wheatland Police Department (Wheatland PD) responded to multiple hit-and-run collisions involving property and vehicles within Wheatland. The reckless driver attempted to evade the authorities, leading to a high-speed chase that spanned several miles and ended in a dramatic arrest in the Lincoln Sun City area.

The chaotic sequence of events began when Wheatland PD issued a “be on the lookout” (BOLO) alert for the suspect’s vehicle. The hit-and-run driver had already caused significant damage and posed a severe threat to public safety. However, when Wheatland PD attempted to stop the vehicle, the driver showed no intention of surrendering and fled southbound on State Route 65 (SR-65).

As the situation escalated, units from the Auburn graveyard division spotted the suspect’s vehicle traveling at an alarming speed of 124 mph, with its headlights turned off, north of Ferrari Ranch on SR-65. In an effort to enforce traffic rules, Auburn units initiated a traffic stop, but the driver refused to comply and continued to evade the authorities.

The dangerous pursuit continued eastbound on Twelve Bridges until it came to a dramatic halt when the suspect’s vehicle collided with a tree in the Lincoln Sun City area. Despite the impact, the driver remained defiant, sitting alone in the vehicle with a loaded shotgun on his lap.

Promptly taking control of the situation, law enforcement units conducted a high-risk felony stop, cautiously apprehending the armed driver without any further incidents or injuries. The suspect was taken into custody, ensuring the safety of the public and preventing potential harm.

Following the arrest, the driver was promptly transported to Sutter Roseville Medical Center for medical evaluation and clearance before being taken to the South Placer County jail. Charges are likely to include hit-and-run, reckless driving, and evading arrest, among other potential offenses.

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