Troublemaker Arrested 14 Times is Suspected of Arson

Troublemaker Arrested 14 Times is Suspected of Arson
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CORTE MADERA — Donald G. Clontz, 38, has a reputation as a troublemaker all over Northern California. It seems Clontz roams around. He recently relocated to Corte Madera where he was arrested for arson by the Central Marin Police Authority.

Clontz allegedly set fire to a wood pallet adjacent to vegetation by a Highway 101 underpass at Wornum Drive. The blaze affected freeway traffic in the vicinity of the Corte Madera Department of Motor Vehicles.

Clontz was taken into custody March 15 for the fire and public intoxication in Corte Madera. He was transported to Marin County Jail and subsequently released from custody. For his most recent contact with law enforcement, he was booked on suspicion of –

  • Causing fire of property PC 452(D)
  • Failure to meet arson registrant requirements PC 457.1
  • Public intoxication PC 647

A proverbial rolling stone, Clontz previously lived in Dorris, Fairfield, Novato, Sacramento, and San Rafael. Since 2014, Clontz has been arrested 14 times in Marin, Shasta, Siskiyou and Solano counties.

  • In 2022, he was arrested for parole/probation violations, petty theft, possession of drug paraphernalia, and carrying a concealed dagger.
  • Clontz was arrested six times in 2021 for vehicle theft, identity theft, petty theft, vandalism, among other offenses.
  • In 2020, he was locked up for assault with a deadly weapon, receiving or concealing stolen property, and other offenses.
  • Prior to this, Clontz was placed under arrest for possession of a narcotic controlled substance, and public intoxication.
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