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Graffiti Tagger Gets Tagged by Cops

Photo: Stock Image In a case that opened on March 29, 2024 when Ventura County Sheriff’s Department deputies were called to the scene of reported vandalism in the City of


Suspected Serial Arsonist Arrested 6 Times for Starting Fires

Photo: Stock Image BERKELEY — A suspected serial arsonist was arrested again. Brandon C. Lowder, a 36-year-old resident of Berkeley, was arrested for arson for the sixth time. Lowder was

Contra Costa

Repeat Offender Held in Custody in Lieu of $450,000 Bond

Photo: Stock Image BRENTWOOD — Justin W. Keller, a 29-year-old repeat offender from Brentwood, is back inside county jail again. Keller remains in custody at the West County Detention Facility


Truck Driver Arrested for Joyriding a Stolen Bulldozer, Damaging Bayfront Parkland

Photo: Stock Image A truck driver is in trouble with the law again. Robert E. Jones, a 47-year-old Oakland resident, allegedly went joyriding a stolen bulldozer damaging bayfront parkland. This


Vandalism and Theft arrest in Martell

Photo: Image of stolen items | Amador County Sheriff’s Office “On March 28, deputies responded to a report of vandalism at Ampine in Martell. Upon arrival deputies determined that numerous


Suspect Allegedly Stole Cash Registers and Safes from a Shopping Center

Photo: Survellience image of suspect Paul Amey Jr. | Novato PD NOVATO — A man caught driving a stolen car San Pablo was arrested by Novato detectives for a shopping


Gang Graffiti Arrests

Photo: Stock Image Definitions of public art may vary with widespread acceptance of creative expressions that many would consider “low brow”, but the laws passed by the California legislature take


Felony Vandalism Arrest for Graffiti “Artist”

Photo: Stock Image The case of 31-year-old Leonardo Morales, arrested by Ventura County Sheriff’s Department deputies attached to the City of Fillmore Patrol Services Division on a charge of felony

Contra Costa

Suspect Arrested and Charged for Vandalism at Ace Hardware

Photo: Image of broken door at Ace Hardware | Pleasant Hill PD PLEASANT HILL—Joseph A. Gardemeyer, a 40-year-old resident of Brentwood, was arrested again this month. Gardemeyer has been locked


Teen Vandals Arrested After Allegedly Damaging Multiple Vehicles

Photo: Stock Image  Originally Published By: Tuolumne County Sheriff’s Office “Last night, on Thursday December 21st, at about 6:00 in the evening a deputy took a report of a vandalized