Suspected Serial Arsonist Arrested 6 Times for Starting Fires

Suspected Serial Arsonist Arrested 6 Times for Starting Fires
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BERKELEY — A suspected serial arsonist was arrested again. Brandon C. Lowder, a 36-year-old resident of Berkeley, was arrested for arson for the sixth time. Lowder was dressed as a woman when Berkeley officers apprehended him at Civic Center Park, one day after he allegedly started another fire. 

A building at 2029 University Avenue in downtown Berkeley sustained significant storefront damage. 

There were no injuries reported though. Lowder allegedly started the blaze by setting wooden pallets on fire, before leaving the area, early morning June 1. Berkeley firefighters responded to the fire at approximately 8:30 a.m., and it was quickly extinguished. 

Arson investigators determined subsequently that this fire was set deliberately. The building was being renovated and pallets leaning against the building were set alight. From there the fire spread to the building facade. 

Police reviewed video recorded by a security camera, which shows the perpetrator starting the fire, before running away. Officers recognized the suspect from previous contact with him. 

Officers saw Lowder the following morning on June 2 at the park across the street from the police station. Police arrested Lowder who was booked into Alameda County Santa Rita Jail. However, he is now no longer listed in custody in the online jail roster. 

Last year, Lowder was arrested four times for arson – 

  • January 3 
  • March 10 
  • June 12 
  • July 10 

In addition, Lowder was arrested for arson in October 2022. 

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