Juveniles Arrested for Oakland Carjackings

Juveniles Arrested for Oakland Carjackings

OAKLAND – In collaboration with Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) police, Oakland police have arrested two juveniles accused of committing at least two carjackings, including one earlier this month at the MacArthur BART train station.

A young male suspect was arrested October 26th on charges involving an October 10 carjacking incident at 11.51 p.m. He allegedly pulled a gun on couple who were walking to their 2004 BMW at the BART station parking lot.

The victims were ordered to put two iPhones inside the car, before the male was joined by a female juvenile who got in the car with him, and they both drove away, police said.

The same juveniles are suspected of committing another carjacking on October 23rd in Oakland. The girl was arrested that same day, but the boy escaped.

BART police identified the suspects using surveillance camera video and shared that information with Oakland police. The video evidence was used to obtain arrest warrants from the Alameda County District Attorney’s Office.

The suspects’ identities and charges have not been released, because both are juveniles.

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