Gang member on the run in Monterey

Gang member on the run in Monterey

Originally published as a Salinas Police Department Facebook post – 

“Gang members are continuing to learn that no place is out of reach for VSTF.

VSTF along with SPD SWAT and MCSO SWAT, served a search warrant on the 1000 block of Aubrey Ln in the City of Hollister. The search warrant yielded several illegal firearms, narcotics, and several items of gang indicia. However, the suspect in this case, Carlos “Chuck” Casas Jr (32), was not home and we believe has gone on the run.

If anyone has information where Casas might be SPD would like to arrest him and hold him accountable for the various felony crimes he is wanted for. We ask that if you see him please call 911 because he may be armed.

#youcanrunbutyoucanthide#gangsarebad #VSTF #teamwork”



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