Gang member nabbed for AK-47, various drugs

Gang member nabbed for AK-47, various drugs
Photo: Narez and drugs

Originally published as a Salinas Police Department Facebook post – 

“Yesterday afternoon VSTF Officers, CDC Officers, HSI, and K9 Oakley continued to show gang members that this summer is going to be a hot 🥵 one for them!

VSTF Officers served a search warrant on the 1600 block of Siskiyou Dr at the residence of Christopher Narez(23), who last year VSTF Officers arrested with an AK-47 style rifle.

You see Mr. Narez thought it would be a great idea to start selling mushrooms, molly, pieces to make Glock firearms fully automatic, and produce his own butane honey oil.

Narez believed it had been a long enough time since his last arrest and maybe, just maybe, VSTF had forgotten about him and his illegal activities.

Narez who also forgot he was a convicted felon was in possession of his own unregistered firearm. In all, Mr. Narez had 2lbs of mushrooms, 2 ounces of molly, 6 Glock switches, money, a butane honey oil lab, and a loaded unregistered firearm located in his residence.

Narez was talked to about his poor decisions and transported to Monterey County Jail where he was lodged on several new gun, drug, and manufacturing charges.”



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