Soledad Man Goes Back to School, Then to Jail

SAN LUCAS—Alejandro Otero, 30, of Soledad went back to school this September, however, it was not to take a class, but to burglarize it.   The Monterey County Sheriff’s Deputies arrested him after they found stolen school equipment in his possession.

Alejandro Otero

On Sunday September 2nd at about 6:57 a.m., Monterey County Sheriff’s Deputies Jon Luther and Stephen Bernal responded to a burglary alarm at San Lucas School.  They found that a classroom had been broken into and computer equipment taken.

“Other than the computers taken the room was pretty much intact just some glass on the floor and a broken window,” San Lucas School District Superintendent Nicole Nester said.

Following up on investigative lead the two deputies were able to determine a suspect in this case.  They arrested Soledad resident Alejandro Otero because he was found to be in possession of the stolen property.

“This was good investigative police work from the two deputies, to be able to come up with a suspect so fast and get the computers back to the school,”  Monterey County Sheriff’s Department Sergeant Mike Burns said.

The San Lucas Union School District is appreciative that the Monterey County Sheriff’s Department was able to act fast and recover the computers.

“The thief took the newest and the children’s favorite computers,” Nester added.“ They use those computers for math, writing, and other things.”

When Otero was arrested he was also in possession of burglary tools.  Otero was transported to Monterey County Jail and booked for burglary and possession of tools to commit a crime.

The Monterey County Sheriff’s Department is actively investigating this incident and is asking anyone with information to call the Sheriff’s Department  (888) 833-4TIP (4847).

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