Two search warrants, lots of drugs confiscated

Two search warrants, lots of drugs confiscated
Photo: scenes from this incident

Originally published as a Salinas Police Department Facebook post – 

“VSTF, HSI, CDCR, and K9 Oakley, @sniffer_oakley , continue to be a thorn in the side of bad guys. Yesterday, VSTF served not 1 but 2 search warrants on drug dealers in the city. The first warrant was in the 500 block of Menlo Way for Benjamin Vargas (25).

Well you see Mr. Vargas decided it would be a good idea to sell fake Oxycodone prescription pills that were fentanyl laced, so VSTF came knocking. During a search of the residence approximately 2000 fentanyl pills, 1 lb of mushrooms, ecstasy pills, Adderall pills, meth, and 2 loaded firearms were located.

Also arrested for the sale of fentanyl pills was David Miyahara (26), Vargas’s brother in law. K9 Oakley decided one drug dealer behind bars and not selling poison to people wasn’t enough for one day. So he helped VSTF serve a separate 2nd search warrant in the 400 block of Noice Dr for Earl Deal (26).

Oakley didn’t have to work to hard when searching this house and located 3 oz of meth, 3 oz of heroin, and 3 oz of cocaine right on the kitchen counter. Next to the narcotics were also several gold and diamond chains that were bought with drug proceeds.

These chains outlined Deal’s thought of himself as the “plug” for narcotics in the area. During this search warrant Oakley also got to meet several kids through out the complex and hand out tons of stickers. K9 Oakley and VSTF will continue to work hard to keep this poison ☠️ off the streets.”



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