Brothers and juvenile arrested for stealing chainsaws

Brothers and juvenile arrested for stealing chainsaws
Photo: Juan Andrade (l), Christopher Andrade

Originally published as a Kings County Sheriff’s Office press release –

“On Wednesday, September 15, 2021 at 0947 hours, the Sheriff’s Office investigated a burglary in the Kettleman City area which took place on an agricultural property. The victim took the deputy to a rural area of the farm where several sheds were located. One of the sheds was broken into and three Husqvarna chainsaws had been stolen.

During the investigation, a witness told the deputy he saw three younger Hispanic males near the shed loading items into the trunk of an older black four door Audi sedan. The males spotted the witness and quickly fled the area.

The vehicle information from the witness was broadcasted over the Sheriff’s Office radio. Deputies assigned to the Kings County Rural Crimes Task Force were in the area and observed a black Audi matching the description provided by the witness. A traffic enforcement stop was conducted on the vehicle and two occupants were contacted.

The driver was identified as Juan Andrade and the passenger was a 17 year old juvenile. As the investigation unfolded, Juan admitted he, in cohorts with his brother Christopher Andrade and the juvenile, each stole a chainsaw from the shed after breaking in. Juan admitted they stashed the three chainsaws in the bed of a black truck located at their home in Kettleman City.

Rural Crime Detectives drove to the residence and were unable to locate the chainsaws. Juan claimed his brother Christopher must have recently moved them, and Christopher later admitted to moving them to a different location. Christopher took authorities to the new location where they were able to recover the stolen chainsaws. The chainsaws were returned to the owner.

Juan and Christopher were placed into custody and booked into Kings County Jail on the charges of burglary, possession of stolen property and grand theft. Their bail was set at $30,000 and both have since been released.
The male juvenile was arrested and booked into the Kings County Juvenile Center on the same charges. He has also been released.”

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