Graffiti suspect may be involved in 40 incidents of vandalism

Graffiti suspect may be involved in 40 incidents of vandalism
Photo: Jorge Salcido
Originally published as a Los Banos Police Department Facebook post – 
“During the past several months, the Department has noticed and received several complaints of distinctive spray paint graffiti on walls and businesses around town. After months of investigation from members of the Patrol Division, including Sergeant Richard Mancera, and Sergeant Ivan Mendez from the Code Enforcement Division, the department identified 20-year-old Jorge Salcido of Los Banos as the suspect.
On April 13, 2021, the Department responded to the north alley in the 500 Block of I Street after receiving a report of an adult male on the property carrying a concealed handgun. Officers Sams, DeWitt and Hostetler approached the suspect, who they later determined to be Salcido, to investigate the report.
As the officer approached, Salcido attempted to run from the area but was eventually caught in the 500 Block of I Street. Officers located a replica handgun in a backpack that was discarded by Salcido while he was attempting to escape.
Salcido was booked into the Los Banos Police Department Jail charged with felony vandalism and resisting arrest but released the following day due to the California zero bail schedule.
Salcido is believed to be directly involved in at least 40 local vandalism cases but as our investigation continues, we believe additional vandalism charges will be coming.
The department was able to tie Salcido to many of the vandalism cases, largely in part to the reports and photos received from members of the public. This case is a great example of the Los Banos Community working with the Police Department to report suspicious behavior, solve crime and keep our town looking great. Great job Los Banos!”
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