Woman on parole arrested after hiding in bathroom with drugs

Woman on parole arrested after hiding in bathroom with drugs
Photo: Cassidy Corrine Faler
Originally published as a Shasta County Sheriff’s Office Facebook post – 
“On Saturday, March 20th, 2021, at approximately 11:03 AM, deputies with the Shasta County Sheriff’s Office, City of Shasta Lake Division, received a call from a citizen advising Cassidy Corrine Faler, age 36 of Redding, had just walked into a residence in the 13000 block of Hill Boulevard.
Faler is currently on CDC parole and had an active felony warrant for a parole violation. Faler also has a history of resisting arrest and carrying weapons.
Upon arriving at the residence deputies observed Faler standing in the front door way. Faler refused verbal commands from deputies and ran back into the residence, locking the front door.
A male subject, who resides at the residence, opened the front door for deputies. Faler was located hiding in a bathroom. Faler had locked the door and barricaded herself inside the bathroom in order to avoid arrest.
Several attempts were made to convince Faler to exit the bathroom but she refused. After several failed attempts to get Faler to exit, deputies forced entry into the bathroom where Faler was taken into custody without further incident. During a search of Faler, deputies located a small amount of methamphetamine in her pocket.
Faler was transported to the Shasta County Jail where she was booked on her parole warrant as well as 148(a)(1) PC – Resisting Arrest and 11377(a) H&S – Possession of a Controlled Substance.”
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