Attempted Kidnapping in Redding, Two Arrested

What began as an ordinary Wednesday morning in Redding for a young woman of Redding  walking her child to the bus stop soon turned dangerous. After seeing her daughter board the bus, the 27-year-old woman was walking home when she was confronted by two young men in a Volkswagen Jetta. One of the men walked out of the car pointing a handgun at her and ordered her to get into the car. The woman refused and attempted to call 911, but her attempts were in vain as her phone did not have reception. The Jetta made a u-turn and went towards the woman who was now screaming for help which alerted several witnesses. After they realized that they were noticed, the men fled the scene.

The Redding Police officers were called to the scene and began the investigation shortly after talking to the victim. They discovered the Volkswagen in the area of Dana Drive and Friendly road at about 7:20 am. Officer Dean Adams stopped the vehicle and confronted the driver, Michael Anthony Carter, 21. According to the police, Carter “exited the vehicle and would not comply with officers.” He was arrested after a brief struggle along with his passenger Luke William Johnson, 26. The police searched the suspects’ vehicle and discovered a billy club, drug supplies, and a black tool with laser light which, according to the police, was used to stimulate the handgun during kidnapping.

Carter and Johnson were both transported to the Investigation Division for interviews as the victim identified Johnson as the man who ordered her to get into the car. The men confessed to their kidnapping attempt saying that the victim looks much younger for her age and they thought she was about 16. The suspects also confessed to several burglaries they committed that morning and were both booked into the Shasta County Jail.

The incident occurred at 500 block of Hilltop Dr.

Johnson is held for a violation of probation and attempted kidnapping and Carter is charged for violation of probation, attempted kidnapping, possession of a billy club, possession of drug paraphernalia, and resisting a police officer.

Police say the young woman did the absolutely right thing in the incident. “Nothing good could have happened from getting into the car,” Sgt. Jay Guterding said. “For a woman, absolutely do anything you can; scream, fight, run, but never get into that car.”

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