Operation “Winter is Coming” – M30 Fentanyl Deaths Thwarted

Operation “Winter is Coming” – M30 Fentanyl Deaths Thwarted
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COUNTYWIDE – An announcement on February 18th championed the partnering of nation-wide law- enforcement agencies with the Riverside Sheriff’s Department Special Investigations Bureau’s latest well-planned and well-executed sting – Operation “Winter is Coming.” The six-week-long collaboration targeted illicit narcotics and illegal drugs throughout Riverside County.

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By executing this ongoing sting operation, law enforcement presence was enhanced, confidence was built in the community, and agency collabortions were improved. “Additionally, in excess of 121,000 fentanyl “M30” pills were seized,” said Lieutenant Sam Morovich.

The Special Investigations Bureau led narcotics units who “conducted operations throughout Riverside County targeting deadly illegal drugs such as fentanyl, cocaine, heroin, and methamphetamine,” said Lt. Morovich. “In partnership with our federal, local, and state partners, the narcotic units were able to seize the following: over 355 pounds of cocaine, 29 pounds of heroin, 589 pounds of methamphetamine, and $1,067,000 US dollars.”

...and drug money

An alarming influx of fentanyl-related overdoses, specifically related with M30 pills has Riverside County on high alert. Lt. Morovich gave a dire warning about this lethal ingredient, “Fentanyl is a synthetic opioid that is 80-100 times stronger than morphine! All drugs and counterfeit pills are themselves deadly because they are often mixed with fentanyl or a derivative of fentanyl. These substances alone or mixed together can kill in very small doses!”

In order to prevent tragic deaths from these increasing overdoses – the Special Investigations Bureau is not only dedicated to help communities stay safe countywide, but is proactive in reaching out to the communities regarding any questions that they may have.

You are encouraged to contact the Bureau’s Office about the potentially deadly effects of these illicit narcotics or provide information to assist ongoing efforts by calling (951) 955-1700.

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