Attacks on police lead to quick security upgrades

HEMET — Multiple attacks on local police agencies in recent months have led officials to declare emergency measures.

Three attacks on a regional anti-gang task force in recent months prompted the moves. Hemet police Chief Richard Dana told news outlets the city council approved a plan to quickly upgrade security measures to protect city employees.

“If we were to go out to a full bid on this process, it would require that we tell all of the security measures that we intend to put in place,” Dana said.

On Monday, work was set to get underway at city lobbies, where an assessment by police Capt. Dave Brown indicated public access lobbies in city buildings “present a significant risk to city employees and resources.”

Immediate action, including the installation of bullet-proof glass at the police department and also a glass-protected counter at City Hall, was getting underway. A new security fence was welded and painted last week at the police department parking lot.

The latest incident involved a fire that destroyed a police shooting range last week. As of Monday, police officials weren’t saying whether the incident was being considered the fourth attack against the city. Meanwhile, Hemet residents were asked for contributions to help rebuild the range.

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