Humadai Humadai finally sentenced for extensive identity theft

Humadai Humadai finally sentenced for extensive identity theft
Photo: Humadai Humadai

WOODLAND – From May 2014 through September 2016, six Davis residents had their identifying information stolen and used to get loans and credit cards.

Some of the loans were for tens of thousands of dollars, with an estimated loss of $200.000.  An investigation led to 59-year-old Humadai Humadai, who had “created multiple unauthorized and fraudulent email-accounts, credit monitoring services and a bank account with the victims’ stolen identities.”

When one of the victims was sued in court for failure to repay a loan, a loan that she did not take out, the investigation began.

Humadai left California and moved to New York in 2017, working as a caregiver there. She was extradited back to California in March of 2019.

On July 22, 2019, Humadai was sentenced to serve 10 years and 4 months in prison. She had entered a no contest plea to one count of felony grand theft and 11 counts of felony identity theft.

Deputy District Attorney Alvina Tzang, who prosecuted the case, praised the Davis Police Department. “Justice was served because of the exemplary work by the officers and detectives of the Davis Police Department, in particular PSS Janet Chaney who had spent countless hours reviewing voluminous documents and gathering evidence. Identity theft is more than just a financial crime. Victims of identity theft frequently find their credit records ruined that could take years to repair. It could lead to lawsuits, false arrests and imprisonment, which would have significant impact on a victim financially, emotionally and physically.”

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