Woman Sentenced to State Prison For Indecent Exposure In Davis

Woman Sentenced to State Prison For Indecent Exposure In Davis

In July, 2013, Wenyi Xu, 31, was arrested in Davis Community Park by Davis police after an alert park maintenance worker called 911 because she was flashing young boys riding by on bicycles. Officers also arrested Nicholas Robert Bowen for recording the crimes on his cell phone. On Monday, October 27, Xu was sentenced to three years and eight months state prison time. The sentence included three years in prison for possessing child pornography and eight months she will serve consecutively for conspiracy.

In the months leading up to the Davis incident, Xu and Bowen exchanged approximately 4,000 text messages including photos of Xu exposing herself to children in other locations. Xu sent several photos of her nude toddler daughter to Bowen among other photos depicting acts of pedophilia. Xu had told authorities that “there was nothing between her and Bowen.” But the digital evidence proved otherwise. Judge David Reed determined that Xu was participating willingly as an enabler of Bowen’s pedophilia and was not doing this to advance her career. Both Xu and Bowen were working for the state of California when the crimes occurred.

Judge Reed also ordered Xu to register as a sex offender, provide a DNA sample and pay fines. Xu’s attorney, Richard Lansburgh asked the court to make provide protection for her in prison. Generally, he noted, prisoners intensely dislike those who commit crimes against children.

Although she had been free on bail before the sentencing hearing, a bailiff handcuffed Xu in the courtroom and led her away to begin immediately her prison time. Xu is scheduled to appear in federal court on November 25 to face further charges. Bowen, 62, of Grizzly Flats, remains in custody on the federal counts. He will face federal charges on December 4 and a review of his Yolo County case is set for December 8.

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