Domestic Violence/Armed Robbery Suspect Doesn’t Think It Through

Domestic Violence/Armed Robbery Suspect Doesn’t Think It Through
Photo: Fernando Becerra

SANTA ANA – Police arrested a domestic violence and armed robbery suspect by the name of Fernando Becerra in his own home on Tuesday, February 12th.

On Monday evening, February 11th, the Santa Ana Police Department received a domestic violence call from a Becerra’s twenty-six-year-old girlfriend.

The woman allegedly stated that she had tried to leave the house to take their one-year-old son to the doctor, but Becerra became angry and started threatening to kill her, their son, and then himself.

He continued to threaten her with both a switchblade and a handgun. The woman, fearing for her and their son’s life, called authorities for help, but Becerra left before the officers arrived. The woman and her child were both placed in a shelter to protect them from further danger.

At 11:30 a.m. on Tuesday, the Santa Ana Police Department received an armed robbery call from Mariscos Hector restaurant at 1801 S. Main St., where Becerra’s girlfriend worked. Becerra had allegedly attempted to rob the restaurant at gunpoint; however, employees saw him coming before he was able to carry out the robbery, and they exited the building through a back door.

As no one was present to open the cash register, Becerra returned home in a white Lexus sedan before officers arrived on the scene. As officers reviewed surveillance camera footage, a restaurant employee recognized the suspect to be Becerra.

While officers were still investigating, Becerra made a call to the Santa Ana Police Department from his residence, reporting that his wife and child had been abducted. Officers went to Becerra’s home, located in the 2200 block of S. Broadway Street, and arrested him there.

Becerra was put in the Orange County Jail for Domestic Violence and Criminal Threats with a bail set at $1,000,000

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