Porch Pirate Wearing his Pajamas Caught Following Delivery Van

Porch Pirate Wearing his Pajamas Caught Following Delivery Van

SAN LEANDRO — Porch piracy continues growing in tandem with online shopping. One recent arrestee was caught following a delivery van making its rounds. This suspect got busted because he was wearing pajamas, and recorded stealing packages by a surveillance camera.

This time of year, many packages are delivered to doorsteps, only to be stolen moments later. Usually the thieves get away. However, San Leandro officers easily nabbed a suspect in colorful pajamas on December 11th.

Several packages were snatched around 11:30 a.m. First, a van stopped to make deliveries at two homes on the 900 block of Evergreen Avenue. One resident’s surveillance camera recorded the delivery of packages, and a man stealing them moments later.

The same resident’s camera also recorded him stealing a package from a neighbor across the street.

Like porch pirates often do, this suspect donned a hooded sweatshirt. Similarly, he wore sneakers, good for running between porches and a waiting car.

However, this suspect unwittingly helped police identify him, because of his sense of style. Conspicuously, he wore pajamas in a pattern described by police as “distinctive.” Officers spotted him, after pictures of him in his pajamas were sent to police cars citywide.

“The distinctive clothing the suspect wore caught the attention of our officer,” said San Leandro police Lt. Isaac Benabou. “Without the video, we would not know who to look for.”

Consequently, Deandre Smith, 20 of Oakland, was given a ride to San Leandro Police Jail. Smith was cited for mail theft, involving unauthorized use of personal identifying information. Smith was released from custody. He is scheduled to appear in court in January.

Meanwhile, the stolen packages and the vehicle that Smith was riding in have not yet been located. More is expected to be revealed as this investigation continues

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